Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden update #1

I have started my seedlings and they are doing pretty well. I used the organic compact soil plugs and covered with a biodegradable plastic sheet. Almost everything is doing well except my huckleberries they don't seem to be germinating. Although they still have a chance, this is the first time I have started from seed so it is possible that huckleberries take longer to start. We are growing two different types of basil and cilantro, asparagus, brussel sprouts, carrots, beans, huckleberries, pumpkins tomato and broccoli!
I also have a bed of garlic that was planted in the fall and will be very tasty very soon. Next we will have to expand our raised beds to figure out where all this stuff is going to go. There is a possibility we will also do some patio pots as well.

Here are my seeds started with the map over them, so I know what is what

Here is the basil just starting out!

cilantro showing it's pretty leaves!

Growing at different speeds

The beans have a mind of their own!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zombie Munch #2

I really loved the first batch of Zombie Munch I made but I wanted to modify it and improve on its taste and the way it binds together. The main problem with my original recipe was that the pretzels fall off the bottom and make a mess, all be it a tasty mess but still a mess. This new and improved recipe uses just a bit more chocolate and peanut butter.
• 8 to 10 pretzel rods broken up into small pieces
• 1 cup vegan marshmallows
• 1 cup peanut butter, I used smooth but crunchy would be great
• 1 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
Line an 8 by 8 or 9 by 9 pan with wax paper, if you slit each corner it will fit better in the pan (thanks for that hint Alton Brown). Melt 1/2 cup chocolate chips and spread on the bottom of the dish, let harden. Combine the pretzels and 1/2 cup peanut butter and spread evenly over the chocolate. Take the time to get it evenly spread.

The pretzel and peanut butter mixture over the chocolate.
Next heat the oven to broil, as it is heating place the marshmallows over the peanut butter pretzel mixture just as before. Place the pan evenly under the broiler. This was my main mistake as you can see by the photo below, the marshmallows could have been a bit more brown on one side, still tasty but next time I will be more mindful of the placement.

The marshmallows nice and tasty!
Next melt the rest of the peanut butter for about 30 seconds and pour evenly over the marshmallows. Allow to cool for at least ten minutes.

Spread the peanut butter evenly even to the sides!
Next melt the rest of the chocolate and spread evenly over the peanut butter.

Chocolate almost spread evenly
Allow to cool and cut with a sharp knife!

Yum and done!